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I started my novice art career 40 years ago In the UK when I was asked to decorate a children’s hospital ward for Christmas. This was my first attempt at painting since leaving school.

Much to my surprise and everyone’s delight a full size freeze emerged of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves and all that story entailed. The result of this venture was utilised each festive season for several years!

Fast forward 30 years - after family and work commitments reduced I began looking for an interesting hobby.
While travelling in the Caribbean, an invitation to an art show gave me the idea to start painting again. I was completely enthralled by the imagination and colours of the local art and artists. The rest is history. I now spend approximately six months a year living and painting in the Caribbean, where I get my inspiration, making the most of wonderful light, life style and the creativity of others around me. Over the last 10 years, I have explored and developed my own style.

While my art isn’t typically Caribbean, it crosses over with the warmth and colour of the local lifestyle while still retaining a European influence.

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